Where does your State Rank?

M sent a link to this article from 2015 where The League of American Bicyclists ranks states based on policies and infrastructure funding strategies that encourage people to get on bicycles. I thought I’d pass it along. Tennessee came in at 20 (up from 39 in 2014). I know it is a little old, but we can look at this and have something to celebrate if our state rises the next time a ranking is published! (thinking optimistic)

You can read the article, or you can skip right to the state rankings and report cards on the bikeleague.org website.

Are you surprised by any of the states in the Top 10?

  1. Washignton
  2. Minnesota
  3. Deleware
  4. Massachusetts
  5. Utah
  6. Oregon
  7. Colorado
  8. California
  9. Wisconsin
  10. Maryland

I’m going to keep an eye out on Tennessee’s state bicycle-friendliness report card.

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