Warning: Do not build an eTrike

I’m frustrated and this is a venting post: fair warning.

Nellie My electric tricycle is out of operation AGAIN. I borrowed a truck and drove her it to the shop. Then M picked her it up for me. They said I needed a new charger. Fine. New charger: $160. BUT, I went to charge her it today and the charger is doing the EXACT same thing. So I paid $160 for a new charger that I probably didn’t need and don’t have the old charger anymore which I probably could have used as a second charger. And all the bike shop could say was to bring it back in! What? Just like that? “Bringing her back in” means I can’t use her it today or tomorrow or maybe for another week.  Plus, I PHYSICALLY CAN’T “bring her in”. That process is so damn hard and puts M out. I’m mad. I’m thinking about fixing her it and selling. Riding an eTrike is obviously is not a solution to my transportation needs. The extra weight makes her it impossible to use without the assist and the assist is broken half of the fucking time!


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