Rail Trail is Officially Open

Putnam County, TN was excited to celebrate the official opening of the Tennessee Central Heritage Rail Trail with the expected ribbon cutting ceremony. A lot of individuals and organizations worked together for eleven years to make this trail a possibility.

I won’t list them, but will include a link for an article that covers trail rules.

Rail Trail Opening Ceremony
Rail Trail Opening Ceremony

I attended the grand opening at 2:45 on a weekday afternoon. I was the only tricycle rider there, but two sets of tandems attended and more than a handful of bikes. The suits and politicians arrived via passenger train cars (which I thought was a nice touch).

The trail connects Algood to the Cookeville Depot on the West Side.  There are many access points to the trail and it is no coincidence that I bought a house within 1/2 mile of one of the access points! I’ve used the trail for over a month, but it is official open now. In the last couple of weeks I have seen much more use of the trail. At times it could even be called “crowded”!

A sort of odd version of a map of the trail is published online.  But, access points dump you out on Washington Avenue, near TTU, at some of the major employers, within a mile of Cookeville High School, Cinderella Park, etc. I hope to see bike racks popping up at businesses near these trail access points!