Hopes vs. Plans vs. Today

Not all plans work out. It seems that most of mine fall into this category.

I planned to sell my house and move into a smaller one that had a 68% Walk Score. It was an short sale deal that I could buy and fix up with cash: no mortgage! I was excited about the location and potential for me to be less isolated due to Nellie. I was excited about the proximity of close friends and my special interest groups. It was also very close to a potential employer that I plan hope to use as a stepping stone as if my health improves over the coming months.

The first stumble to the plan came when my house didn’t sell on time. Something happened on the buyer’s side that meant I had a house with no furniture or utilities for over a week. Fortunately, I stayed mostly with friends during that time.

The second stumble was more devastating. The bank holding the note on the mortgage would not sign off on the short sale. I was left with a truck full of stuff and no where to go. I ended up throwing what was not in garages and empty rooms of Mike’s house into two storage units. I stayed with Mike and Chris. I camped some. I spent some time in Kentucky. I rented two rooms (no stove, microwave, dishwasher, laundry, etc) for a short term solution to not sleeping in my car. I think the ordeal cost me about $2,500. The stress of being homeless probably took some days off the end of my life.

Now, I am pressed up against a self-imposed deadline of finding a permanent place to live before August 1st. And–with a few days to spare–I think I found one!

How did I find a tiny house to buy when nothing is for sale in the current real estate market? I drove around an area of a small town that is connected to a 5-mile bike path that leads to a larger town. I drove each block of the area with tiny old houses and noted each empty house that looked small enough for me to afford. Then I tracked the owners down through the PVA and Google. I had several very odd conversations with unhappily stalked people. But… it worked! I think I have found a housing solution! I am going to set the plan in motion on Monday.

Some of the features: the house is less than 1/3 the size of my last home. I will also be replacing a oversized two-car garage and outbuilding with ZERO outdoor storage. That is what we call downsizing folks! I’m trading that for no mortgage and walkability. Some might say that I am not a minimalist ahem but I beg to differ and will learn with this house.

While this house has a 31% Walk Score, the addition of the paved bike path and Nellie‘s range makes it a good option for me.

The next few weeks will be busy. Among other things, I will be glad to get Nellie out of the weather for parking. Tonight I am celebrating the end of a terrific weekend and the settling down of a new plan.

Weekend victories:

  1. Celebrated National Hammock Day in my new Eno (birthday gift) at Ozone Falls.
  2. Fulfilled my long hair / waterfall photo fantasy. Contact me if you’d like a similar photo and I will put you in touch with my photographer. 
  3. Took a motorcycle trip with Nick and Megan to Historic Granville to witness a live radio broadcast at Sutton’s Ole Time Music Hour.
  4. Nursed an Angry Orchard Cider at Father Tom’s.