63% What is your score?

After doing some research and speaking to Xavier a few times, I pulled the trigger on the quote and MOAB started the build on February 12, 2016. Today is May 16, 2016 and the trike has been used on a few trips, but the trunk is STILL not complete (which makes it basically a toy rather than an alternate vehicle for me). I’m too tired for a tricycle to still be stressful after 90+ days.

Shifting my lifestyle to less-car means more changes for me than just buying a trike. It also meant that I needed to move. If you haven’t tried Walk Score for your home you definitely should click on over and do that now. While there were definite reasons for buying the house that I chose, those reasons are less relevant now. In the face of not being able to drive, a home with a Walk Score of 4 (out of 100) is not acceptable.

63The place where I will be living by the end of next week has a Walk Score of 63. While that is still not great for walking, it becomes much more manageable on wheels. I am situating myself so that within 10 minutes (less with some turbo power assist) of pedaling, I can be at all the major shopping areas, downtown, and on campus.

So the journey really begins in two weeks. I had hoped that I would be able to ease into sexy bike legs before my move, but now I am butting up against the truck being here on Thursday and my Trike still being in the shop. It is not okay. Yes, I am grateful that I will have a custom trunk that is awesome, but right now the stress of one more thing pending is a little overwhelming.