Yes, there is an album and a song titled “Yellow Tricycle”. It was released by Damien Saez on March 16, 2009. You can check it out on YouTube here. Find it on iTunes through his site or check out his other music. This site is in no way affiliated with the artist.

Yellow Tricycle – A Lover’s Prayer

by Damien Saez

Where i’m going where i’m from on my yellow tricycle
The nights i’ve been looking for a way back home
The things i am going through the fear just to talk to you

The friends i don’t understand
And you like a nail in my hand
You dont know the lies that i took for truth
The days running after you
My heart that is beating fast
If only the moment could last
The night that i spent with you you don’t remember do you
The pain that’ll never end ’cause you’re like a nail in my hand
You don’t know for you i’ll make it all blue
My yellow tricycle with your two broken wheels
Around and round and round
My yellow tricycle you make the world all blue
Your voice in my head under the bed
I know they’re waiting for me
Out of the window maybe i’ll jump
And you will rescue me maybe
My only friend my only
Maybe you will rescue me


The World’s Greatest Tricycle Rider

by C.K. Williams

The world’s greatest tricycle rider
is in my heart, riding like a wildman,
no hands, almost upside down, along
the walls and over the high curbs
and stoops, his bell rapid-firing,
the sun spinning in his spokes like a flame.

But he is growing older. His feet
overshoot the pedals. His teeth set
too hard against the jolts, and I am afraid
that what I’ve kept from him is what
tightens his fingers on the rubber grips
and drives him again and again on the same block.

*** C.K. Williams (1936-2015) was an American Poet whose many accolades include a 2000 Pulitzer Prize for poetry.***